Apology does the wonder

This is in response to discover challenges Apology

I apologize in advance, for all the mistakes in the following article.

Husband comes back from the office. Wife and husband are talking.


Wife:                Like every day, today also you came very late,

Hair dryer brought by you yesterday was fake;

Husband:       I was coming back to home from office in time,

But on the way I had to buy for me some wine;

Wife:               Buying wine from shop cannot take two hours,

You also forgot to bring for me the rose flowers;

Husband:       I am very tired now, so let me take some rest,

To come in time in the future, I will try my best;

Wife:             I have prepared butter rice in dinner for you,

This Sunday you promise to take me to Zoo;

Husband:     Last 10 minutes talking with you gone waste,

Foods prepared by you today, have no taste;

Wife:              I have to write a poem on the topic Apology,

So, you can read your favorite subject biology;

Husband:     Great, you allowed me to read the biology,

For my all the past arguments, I apologize;

Wife:             you are wonderful husband, I also apologize,

I will support you, for all the things you like;

Husband:    You are sweat; I will take the leave tomorrow,

You and I will go to the zoo on our car Santro;

Wife:            My dear husband, you have become very nice,

I will prepare for you, your favorite tomato rice;

-By G K Agrawal

Double Chance Encounter and Double cross

This is in response to Chance Encounter

It was a most memorable day, when I had a double chance encounter with 2 people, and both of them doing double cross to each other.

I was walking in a market and wanted to buy something. I entered in a shop, as it was summer time, shop man (the first Chance Encounter) asked me to sit in a chair to cool down. I saw that, there was a cat drinking milk in a pot. That pot looked very old and appeared to be an antique item. When I asked the shop person, he confirmed it. I asked him that, why he has kept this expensive item like this.  He told that, it is for doing double cross.

Before I could ask the another question, another person (the second Chance Encounter) came inside the shop. He wanted to buy the cat from the shop owner. Shop owner agreed to sell the cat, but at 10 time the normal rate. That person agreed and paid the money also.

Then that person requested the shop owner to give that pot also on the ground that, cat drinks milk in this pot. Now I understood that this person is here to take the pot and not to buy the cat.

However shop owner refused to the give the pot even at high price. When that person asked, what is the problem in giving this pot to him (he thought that the shop owner does not know the real value of the pot).

Shop owner answered that, because of this pot, he had sold many cats at 10 times the actual price, so how can he give away this pot.

Earth – My first blogging site


Above is the photo of my first blogging site

I posted my first blog , at the age of 2 , 58 years back , on the God provided free blogging site the Earth . Perhaps (  I do not remember exactly) it was a drawing made by hand on the blogging site  the earth . It was a live blog post , as it was getting posted live at the time of writing the blog it self . My blog was also getting watched by many persons live. This advanced “live posting of blog” function may not be available even now.

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo challenges  Earth

By –  G K Agrawal

Raison D’être – I am not a writer

Raison D’être

The current topic under Discover challenge suddenly reminded me, my last more than 50 years.

I am not a writer at all, but still, I have been writing something for more than 50 years.

When I was 2 year old, I was writing  on the walls and mud floors (I will call it blog and post) , because , perhaps it was just enjoyable.

When I was in the schools, I was writing, because, I was forced to write to complete my homework and learn later, as I have to perform in the examination.

When I was employed for 35 years, I wrote 1000s of sheets in the form of reports, technical and non-technical documents in the office, because it was my duty, object was to earn money. Enjoyment came as bonus.

When I write a personal letter, my emotions make me to write.

In all the above cases, compulsion played the role. Writing as a writer was never the object.

Now after the retirement, I am writing this blog without any compulsion and commitment. Writing will keep my mind active, present my thought to the real world and share the knowledge, opinion, views, thought etc.

It appears (as I feel) that object of writing is pre-determined by the nature already, even before we think of wiring. When we write down  any thought, we simply increase the life of the thought from short to very long.

By – G K Agrawal