Raison D’être – I am not a writer

Raison D’être

The current topic under Discover challenge suddenly reminded me, my last more than 50 years.

I am not a writer at all, but still, I have been writing something for more than 50 years.

When I was 2 year old, I was writing  on the walls and mud floors (I will call it blog and post) , because , perhaps it was just enjoyable.

When I was in the schools, I was writing, because, I was forced to write to complete my homework and learn later, as I have to perform in the examination.

When I was employed for 35 years, I wrote 1000s of sheets in the form of reports, technical and non-technical documents in the office, because it was my duty, object was to earn money. Enjoyment came as bonus.

When I write a personal letter, my emotions make me to write.

In all the above cases, compulsion played the role. Writing as a writer was never the object.

Now after the retirement, I am writing this blog without any compulsion and commitment. Writing will keep my mind active, present my thought to the real world and share the knowledge, opinion, views, thought etc.

It appears (as I feel) that object of writing is pre-determined by the nature already, even before we think of wiring. When we write down  any thought, we simply increase the life of the thought from short to very long.

By – G K Agrawal




Author: G K Agrawal

Have industrial experience of design and development of circuit design, the control system for power system and industrial application. B.Sc (PCM) & B.Tech (Electrical). Writing short stories; & technical educational videos on Youtube. You will find some short stories written by me in this blog. I am making small tutorials video om YouTube. channel name "G K Agrawal"

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