Earth – My first blogging site


Above is the photo of my first blogging site

I posted my first blog , at the age of 2 , 58 years back , on the God provided free blogging site the Earth . Perhaps (  I do not remember exactly) it was a drawing made by hand on the blogging site  the earth . It was a live blog post , as it was getting posted live at the time of writing the blog it self . My blog was also getting watched by many persons live. This advanced “live posting of blog” function may not be available even now.

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo challenges  Earth

By –  G K Agrawal

Author: G K Agrawal

Have industrial experience of design and development of circuit design, the control system for power system and industrial application. B.Sc (PCM) & B.Tech (Electrical). Writing short stories; & technical educational videos on Youtube. You will find some short stories written by me in this blog. I am making small tutorials video om YouTube. channel name "G K Agrawal"

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