Double Chance Encounter and Double cross

This is in response to Chance Encounter

It was a most memorable day, when I had a double chance encounter with 2 people, and both of them doing double cross to each other.

I was walking in a market and wanted to buy something. I entered in a shop, as it was summer time, shop man (the first Chance Encounter) asked me to sit in a chair to cool down. I saw that, there was a cat drinking milk in a pot. That pot looked very old and appeared to be an antique item. When I asked the shop person, he confirmed it. I asked him that, why he has kept this expensive item like this.  He told that, it is for doing double cross.

Before I could ask the another question, another person (the second Chance Encounter) came inside the shop. He wanted to buy the cat from the shop owner. Shop owner agreed to sell the cat, but at 10 time the normal rate. That person agreed and paid the money also.

Then that person requested the shop owner to give that pot also on the ground that, cat drinks milk in this pot. Now I understood that this person is here to take the pot and not to buy the cat.

However shop owner refused to the give the pot even at high price. When that person asked, what is the problem in giving this pot to him (he thought that the shop owner does not know the real value of the pot).

Shop owner answered that, because of this pot, he had sold many cats at 10 times the actual price, so how can he give away this pot.

Author: G K Agrawal

Have industrial experience of design and development of circuit design, the control system for power system and industrial application. B.Sc (PCM) & B.Tech (Electrical). Writing short stories; & technical educational videos on Youtube. You will find some short stories written by me in this blog. I am making small tutorials video om YouTube. channel name "G K Agrawal"

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