Apology does the wonder

This is in response to discover challenges Apology

I apologize in advance, for all the mistakes in the following article.

Husband comes back from the office. Wife and husband are talking.


Wife:                Like every day, today also you came very late,

Hair dryer brought by you yesterday was fake;

Husband:       I was coming back to home from office in time,

But on the way I had to buy for me some wine;

Wife:               Buying wine from shop cannot take two hours,

You also forgot to bring for me the rose flowers;

Husband:       I am very tired now, so let me take some rest,

To come in time in the future, I will try my best;

Wife:             I have prepared butter rice in dinner for you,

This Sunday you promise to take me to Zoo;

Husband:     Last 10 minutes talking with you gone waste,

Foods prepared by you today, have no taste;

Wife:              I have to write a poem on the topic Apology,

So, you can read your favorite subject biology;

Husband:     Great, you allowed me to read the biology,

For my all the past arguments, I apologize;

Wife:             you are wonderful husband, I also apologize,

I will support you, for all the things you like;

Husband:    You are sweat; I will take the leave tomorrow,

You and I will go to the zoo on our car Santro;

Wife:            My dear husband, you have become very nice,

I will prepare for you, your favorite tomato rice;

-By G K Agrawal


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