First salary rise of Mr. Dog

This is in response to the Weekly Discover Challenges opening line

A person was having a dog. The dog could understand and speak human language. But, the main duty of the dog was to protect the house.

One day

Dog:       Good morning Master

Master:   Very good morning

Dog:       Master,  That … that …that ….

Master:   Oh, Mr. Dog, come on, and say whatever you want to say without fear.

Dog:        Master, you are giving me very less food in the dinner. That is not sufficient for me.

Master:   That is to help you, otherwise you will sleep and you will not be able to protect the house, which is your main duty.

Dog:        That is fine Master, but you are not giving me weekly off also. I have to work all the seven days. I never got salary rise. Kindly increase my salary (first rise) at least 20%, by giving me 20% more food in the dinner.

Master:    Well, you have worked for long time with me and doing hard work also. So I will do something for you. Every Tuesday night I am not sleeping because, I have to write an article on the topic Weekly Discover Challenges. So Every Tuesday evening, you can have as much food as you want and then you can sleep full night.

Dog:  Thank you, Thank you very much Master

Tuesday night

The dog had enough food then slept happily. There was a thief, who was watching this house for long time. Today he saw that, dog is sleeping. He came to the house to steal something. As Master was not sleeping and the light was on inside the house, he could not enter the house. But outside, the only thing he saw was the small size house made for the dog. So Thief took away the dog’s house.

Morning, the dog saw his house missing. The dog rushed to the master to inform this. Master told the dog not to worry, as he will arrange a new house. The dog was very happy and thanked the master.

2nd Tuesday night

Thief came again and this time took away the new house also happily. Morning, when dog saw that, new house is also missing; he rushed to the master to inform this. The dog was very much worried now.

Master:  Do not worry, I will buy another house for you, but I do not want this to happen again. As, I am not sleeping Tuesday night, Next Tuesday I will sit outside in the fresh air ( It was summer time) and write my story. You can sleep inside the house. The dog was very happy.

(Dear Readers, Nobody know the future, so Master and dog also were not aware about the next third Tuesday night. But I am the writer and Not only I know the future of characters of my story, but I can change the future also. I know that trouble  is not over for them So, )

3rd Tuesday night

The thief came again. He saw master sitting outside, but it was dark inside the house. So, he entered the house from the back door and took away some gold ornaments. Now all were happy. The Master is writing story outside the house happily. The Dog is sleeping happily. Thief also is happy because of gold. But no happiness will last forever.

Morning Master and dog both were worried. They did not know, what to do

(Dear Readers, I want to continue my story and have decided to help them. I am telling this because I will play some role in this story )

Thursday night,

Master and Dog, both of them saw a dream. They came to know that Mr. G K Agrawal ( myself the writer ) can help them. They also got opportunity to meet me in the dream. So they came to me.

Dog and Master:  Good morning Sir,

MY self:   Good morning, you are not looking happy,

Dog:        Sir, kindly help us. You know our problem very well.

Myself:    Well, You want to be happy always. This is not allowed by the nature. Anyway, do you have any suggestion, I could help you.

Dog:       Sir, If Police arrest the thief then ..

Myself:   Ok, agreed

Both of them thanked me and went back happily. (This meeting with me took place in their dream)

Next day (Friday), the thief was arrested by the Police. The dog was happy. But the master was not happy, so he called the dog.

Master: See Mr. Dog, I brought you to protect my house. I have to spend money also. But now the thief is arrested so I do not need you service. You are suspended with the benefit of  one month notice.

The dog collapsed and started praying

Dog:    Master, kindly do not do that, otherwise I will be homeless and without food. I will not take Tuesday off. You can reduce my salary further by reducing the food quantity in the dinner.

Afterword both of them lived happily as per earlier arrangements.


G K Agrawal

Secret behind the door

This is in response to Discover Weekly Challenges The Story Behind The Door

A man wanted to get married. So he went to a marriage bureau.

He was welcomed by receptionist. Receptionist told that, they have grouped candidates based on the qualities and choice. Receptionist showed many options and asked him to select one. The man selected the choice “very beautiful”. Receptionist asked him to go behind a door on which “very beautiful” was written.

Behind the door with the “very beautiful” tag, another receptionist welcomed him and asked a choice from many options. The man selected “qualified”. Based on the choice, the man was asked to go behind the door on which “qualified” was written.

Behind the door with the “qualified” tag, another receptionist welcomed him and asked a choice from many options. The man selected “earning good salary”. Based on the choice, the man was asked to go behind the door on which “earning good salary” was written.

Behind the door with the “earning good salary” tag, another receptionist welcomed him and asked a choice from many options. The man selected “well-behaved”. Based on the choice, the man was asked to go behind the door on which “well-behaved” was written.

Behind the door with the “well- behaved” tag, another receptionist welcomed him and asked a choice from many options. The man selected “good singer”. Based on the choice, the man was asked to go behind the door on which “good singer” was written.

Behind the door with the “good singer” tag, another receptionist welcomed him and asked a choice from many options. The man selected “know cooking”. Based on the choice, the man was asked to go behind the door on which “know cooking” was written.

Behind the door with the “know cooking” tag, he saw the back yard of the building, exit door and a building outside the exit door having big board with the following statement written on that.

“Welcome dear bachelor. You have too much expectation and desire. Please attend free special course to control your expectation and desire in this college.

G K Agrawal

Mr. Analog & Mr. Digital

This in response to Discover Challenge Analog

Mr. Analog and Mr. Digital meet each other

Analog;     Hello Mr. Digital
Digital;     Hi Mr. Analog How are you
Analog;     Fine, How are you
Digital;     I am fine, you look very old
Analog;    I am 4.5 billion years old. How old you are
Digital;     50 Years
Analog;    You are very young my child
Digital;     Do not call me child. Whole world is depending on me including you
Analog;    So you say, you are not child but you are old
Digital;    Not old, but proud of handling the whole world
Analog;    For how long, you are handling the whole world
Digital;     50 years
Analog;     I am handling the world since 4.5 billion years. Anyway, how long you expect to survive, before your younger brother Mr. Future Technology ( neither analog nor digital ) is born and takes over

Digital;    (waited some time to look for answer), Do not know
Analog;    So you are not sure about your future. I am sure I will survive till earth is there
Digital;    But today world cannot survive without me
Analog;    Why, world have survived 4.5 billion years without you
Digital;     May be, but today you cannot survive without me
Analog;    Well, Can you survive without eating
Digital;      No, Nobody can survive
Analog;    But, Still you grow eatable on the analog earth without which you cannot survive. So you are depending on me

Digital is silence and is searching for some argument for defense

Analog;    See, In the past you were depending on me, today you cannot live without eating (without me), you are not sure about your future also.

Digital feels disappointed and looks sad

Analog;    Be happy my child, We should enjoy and live today (your day) neither in the past, nor in the future.

Digital starts smiling again

G K Agrawal

The Origin story of laughing party

This is in response to the Discover Challenge Origin Story

More than 50 years back, I may be about 6 year old. That time; a day with my Aunt, I remember  even today.

I went first time to my aunt’s house in a different city. She was always in fun and laughing mood. Aunt welcomed me with a lovely smile. As a habit, she planned a trap to catch me red handed stealing the sweet (But I had no idea about this plan).

She prepared the tasty sweets before me (I hoped that she will give me one, but she did not give sweet to me). After preparing the sweet, she kept the sweets in one room in my knowledge. Afterword she disappeared (In fact she was hiding nearby to catch me red handed).

After I saw that, nobody is there to see me; I could not resist and took one sweet. Then, I kept whole sweet in my mouth to finish as fast as possible, before anybody comes in.

However to my shock, aunt along with other people appeared from nowhere. Now she asked me that what I am hiding in my mouth.

I smartly pushed sweet to right side of the mouth (It must be very clearly visible due to projection outside). But I was sure that nobody will notice it. I moved my head left and right to indicate NO ( I was not in a position to speak).

She gave a light slap at right side. Now,  sweet automatically pushed to left side of the mouth safely. Now aunt asked, what is left side, I again moved my head left and right to tell that nothing is there

Aunt gave another light slap at left side now. This time I could not control and sweet came out from the mouth and fallen on the floor. Everybody (except me) again started laughing.

But I considered myself very clever. I knew that now nothing is there in the mouth, so no proof now. Now it was my time to fire back. I opened my mouth to show that nothing is there in the mouth. All are unnecessary asking wrong questions.

All were laughing, laughing and go on laughing. I also joined to laughing party.

G K Agrawal

Adventure with the teacher

This is in response to the Discover Challenge Adventure

Nobody would like to have adventure with a King or class teacher; else it may become painful in the future.

But, I did exactly that.

It was year 1971, when I was in the 12th standard. There was a custom in India to say Namaste (Good morning sir), whenever student sees the teacher.

Once I was walking on the road side, when I saw my Math teacher coming from the opposite side. I was not in a mood to say Namaste (Good morning) to my teacher. So, I crossed the road and started walking other side of the road. This way, I could avoid giving respect to the teacher (equivalent to adventure, as I was risking my future)

After walking some distance (about 200 meters), I was shocked to see that, very same teacher is appeared again, and was coming from the opposite direction. I was sure that it was not a ghost.

Now, I had no option but to say Namaste (Good morning) to him with respect. My teacher smiled, blessed me, but he was breathing very fast.

After taking some rest, he told me that, he saw me first time itself. He saw me crossing the road also with the intension of avoiding giving respect to him. To make me to follow the custom, he had to run very fast through Parallel Street and appear again before me.

I promised that, I will give respect to the teachers in future, whenever I see them.

G K Agrawal