Adventure with the teacher

This is in response to the Discover Challenge Adventure

Nobody would like to have adventure with a King or class teacher; else it may become painful in the future.

But, I did exactly that.

It was year 1971, when I was in the 12th standard. There was a custom in India to say Namaste (Good morning sir), whenever student sees the teacher.

Once I was walking on the road side, when I saw my Math teacher coming from the opposite side. I was not in a mood to say Namaste (Good morning) to my teacher. So, I crossed the road and started walking other side of the road. This way, I could avoid giving respect to the teacher (equivalent to adventure, as I was risking my future)

After walking some distance (about 200 meters), I was shocked to see that, very same teacher is appeared again, and was coming from the opposite direction. I was sure that it was not a ghost.

Now, I had no option but to say Namaste (Good morning) to him with respect. My teacher smiled, blessed me, but he was breathing very fast.

After taking some rest, he told me that, he saw me first time itself. He saw me crossing the road also with the intension of avoiding giving respect to him. To make me to follow the custom, he had to run very fast through Parallel Street and appear again before me.

I promised that, I will give respect to the teachers in future, whenever I see them.

G K Agrawal




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