The Origin story of laughing party

This is in response to the Discover Challenge Origin Story

More than 50 years back, I may be about 6 year old. That time; a day with my Aunt, I remember  even today.

I went first time to my aunt’s house in a different city. She was always in fun and laughing mood. Aunt welcomed me with a lovely smile. As a habit, she planned a trap to catch me red handed stealing the sweet (But I had no idea about this plan).

She prepared the tasty sweets before me (I hoped that she will give me one, but she did not give sweet to me). After preparing the sweet, she kept the sweets in one room in my knowledge. Afterword she disappeared (In fact she was hiding nearby to catch me red handed).

After I saw that, nobody is there to see me; I could not resist and took one sweet. Then, I kept whole sweet in my mouth to finish as fast as possible, before anybody comes in.

However to my shock, aunt along with other people appeared from nowhere. Now she asked me that what I am hiding in my mouth.

I smartly pushed sweet to right side of the mouth (It must be very clearly visible due to projection outside). But I was sure that nobody will notice it. I moved my head left and right to indicate NO ( I was not in a position to speak).

She gave a light slap at right side. Now,  sweet automatically pushed to left side of the mouth safely. Now aunt asked, what is left side, I again moved my head left and right to tell that nothing is there

Aunt gave another light slap at left side now. This time I could not control and sweet came out from the mouth and fallen on the floor. Everybody (except me) again started laughing.

But I considered myself very clever. I knew that now nothing is there in the mouth, so no proof now. Now it was my time to fire back. I opened my mouth to show that nothing is there in the mouth. All are unnecessary asking wrong questions.

All were laughing, laughing and go on laughing. I also joined to laughing party.

G K Agrawal


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