Mr. Analog & Mr. Digital

This in response to Discover Challenge Analog

Mr. Analog and Mr. Digital meet each other

Analog;     Hello Mr. Digital
Digital;     Hi Mr. Analog How are you
Analog;     Fine, How are you
Digital;     I am fine, you look very old
Analog;    I am 4.5 billion years old. How old you are
Digital;     50 Years
Analog;    You are very young my child
Digital;     Do not call me child. Whole world is depending on me including you
Analog;    So you say, you are not child but you are old
Digital;    Not old, but proud of handling the whole world
Analog;    For how long, you are handling the whole world
Digital;     50 years
Analog;     I am handling the world since 4.5 billion years. Anyway, how long you expect to survive, before your younger brother Mr. Future Technology ( neither analog nor digital ) is born and takes over

Digital;    (waited some time to look for answer), Do not know
Analog;    So you are not sure about your future. I am sure I will survive till earth is there
Digital;    But today world cannot survive without me
Analog;    Why, world have survived 4.5 billion years without you
Digital;     May be, but today you cannot survive without me
Analog;    Well, Can you survive without eating
Digital;      No, Nobody can survive
Analog;    But, Still you grow eatable on the analog earth without which you cannot survive. So you are depending on me

Digital is silence and is searching for some argument for defense

Analog;    See, In the past you were depending on me, today you cannot live without eating (without me), you are not sure about your future also.

Digital feels disappointed and looks sad

Analog;    Be happy my child, We should enjoy and live today (your day) neither in the past, nor in the future.

Digital starts smiling again

G K Agrawal


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