The Dream Advisor


It was Tuesday. After dinner, I went to the bedroom and was thinking about possible story on the topic Advice.

After some time I and my wife was having a discussion.

Wife;               You should use your long professional experience and the full day of the spare time in the retired life.

Me;                  How can I use that?

Wife;               You should become an advisor and open an office. You have experience in many areas.

As per advice of my wife, I opened an office and became an advisor.

My first customer

I welcomed the customer and offered a seat.

Customer;      I want an advice from you.

Me;                  Sure, that is what for, I am sitting here.

Customer;      Please advise me a topic to write a story. I am confused on the topic of the story.

Me:                   Sure, Todays hot topic is Advice. Many are writing on this topic.

Customer:       Agreed with a little modification. I will be happy to write about the life of a great advisor. Do you know anybody?

Me;                     One advisor is sitting in front of you, itself.

Customer;       Oh, now I have decided to write about you, with your help and blessing. I want to know more about your life. Can you please allow me along with my wife to pass full day with you in your house this Sunday?

Now, I had little option and so, agreed unwillingly.

My second customer

Customer;      I want advice from you

Me;                  Sure, on which subject you want advice.

Customer;      That also to be advised by you. Just give me advice on anything of your choice.

Me;                  (I thought, what a stranger) Oh sure, but you have to pay my fees as per chart shown on that wall.

Customer;      I am ready to pay.

Then for some time I gave him advice on some thing, totally unwillingly.

My 3rd customer

Customer;      Please advise me a solution

Me;                   (I was waiting for this kind of customer only). Sure please sit down and tell me your problem.

Customer;      I want to write a story, but not able to decide topic. Please suggest a topic.

What happen after that is not worth mentioning. I closed my office for a day and left for home.

I asked my wife to suggest a method to avoid unwanted visitor ( my 1st customer) on coming Sunday. She promptly suggested a holiday out. I agreed immediately. Next Sunday morning, both of us were going to a remote place in a taxi.

Suddenly my wife started laughing. She was just going on laughing. After some time…

Me;      Why are you laughing?

Wife;   For long time I have not gone on the holiday. I planned a trap for you to force you to go on the holiday. Suggesting you to become an advisor, opening an office, and all the 3 visitors were beautifully planned to trap you. And, the trap is successful.

Me;      But why you planned such an unusual way.

Wife;   I am bored with the normal method of asking and wanted something unusual and tricky method. You are always writing unusual and tricky things. So I also selected interesting, unusual and tricky method. It was really enjoyable to play the trick with the you.

Me:      But who advised you this trap?

Wife;   This was advised by an advisor having office in the back lane. But, Implementation is done by me.

Suddenly I got up due to loud sound of the doorbell. It was morning of the Wednesday. My wife was back to the home from the relative’s house. Whatever I have written above, was just a dream. But I was happy. A story has been written already on the subject wanted by me. It was written 100 percent in the dream with the help of the “The Dream Advisor” the dream.